Who is Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omar, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, what about the role of the international community? Author: Abdirahman Zaied Farah (Jeesto).

Former Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior, Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, is one of the Somaliland’s longest-standing and internationally renowned states in the history of foreign affairs and international relations in the world. has.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullahi omar is the first to open the world and Somaliland, replacing the foreign policy of the dictatorship and the only place where there is no fruit or anything. Indeed, the minister of the breakthrough has been broken. implemented or accepted by many applications.

Dr.omer is currently a co-ordinator for both the EU and the African Union, which serves as the consultant of the political conflict in all of Africa, which shows the full potential of his friendship with the community it is good for Somaliland.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland has opened the door to the international market and international co-operation, which is the key to the open and fruitful relationship between the international relations and the international community. Now it is not worth it.

It is the policy that opened the dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia, and this is a very important occasion. It also facilitates the independence of the international community, such as the introduction of the international treaties, the procurement, and administration of the interests of the people of Somaliland.

It was the man who signed the federal government of Somalia in order not to enter into the international agreements that Somaliland entered into, as well as the person who signed the contract with the controversy or the loss of Somalia’s removal because of its defiance of Somaliland’s recognition. Do you think it’s the brutal thing that has happened?

Dr.omer Somaliland is a country that has the right of self-determination and self-determination, is a politically motivated politician, who has been expelled by his party, and has also been the subject of international law, Somaliland is preserving him and more.

It is a man who practices the system of governance as a whole and internationally, and it is clear on the history and history of the present day and unprofessional testimony that is not true, it does not matter, but it is something we deserve because we are the nation’s future leaders. part.

In addition, he did not just have a role in the international community, and even the victory of President Silanyo’s election victory and the presidency of Muse Bihi Abdi was elected as a member of the Kulmiye Party in the Kulmiye party. and his customs.

Finally the dr. It is noteworthy that there is no such thing as the Somaliland government and the people of Somaliland, but that is not the case with Somaliland.

Author: Abirahman Zaied Farah (Jeesto).

Diplomatic Annalism.

Gabileh / Somaliand.

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