​I am Somali but my country is not Somalia (Somalia): Message To International Community, Written: Abdirahman Zaied Farah (Jeesto)

My ethnic origin is a Somali-speaking Somali and African-American populist, and it is commonly used as a shared, interdisciplinary, synonymous for the purpose of exposing this national identity. (Somalia, Somaliland, and Somalia), is there a link between these names or how does anyone make a mistake or a joke from the cemetery?



These names are Somali names and so on and expressing that the word of origin of the Somali language is the meaning of the wording of these words, if a Somali national when you claim your citizenship is (Somali) it is important that you are not the same as the name Somalia is now a citizen of Somalia. It is a Somali nation, but not its own country (Somaliland), it is Somaliland, so it is uncertain and unambiguous.



Our people that do not understand the offenses tend to pile Investigative also flies neighbors are not all can share, yes, of course, but this is our close institutes English major who name isirkeena from didayno, we share ethnic nationalist, religious, and cultural materials We are not a nation, we do not share a country and distribute international borders and international boundaries to the world.



Therefore, the name of the Somali people is not ours, it is our line, our foundation, it is very beautiful to be respected because the world is in this situation and you are seeing different countries of the world without interdependence, This is the same thing as Somalia, which is a mistake that makes the claim justified by one side, and it does not affect anybody’s name if it is released.



It is not a crime to say that these people are ethnic Somalis, but we do not share the same things as the people of the country, the people of the country, the nation, the nation, but we are reminded that the name of our race and our descendants is weak, so we claim and do not cease, But if they were too big to say that these people are such as Culima, the Somali people, the Somali Youth, the Somali women, the Somali people, the Somali scholars, and we are together because we can not make the name of our country in Somaliland as a last resort it is deliberate and will damage our origin in our Somali language.



Written: Abdirahman Sayid Farah (Jeesto)


Diplomatic Annalism


Gabiley / Somaliland.

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