Why Do The British Sound The Alarm?, Why Now? By Mohamed Farah

Why Do The British Sound The Alarm?, Why Now?
By Mohamed Farah

Their Has been a lot of chattering among Somali media and Somaliland
government lately about the British foreign office’s warring of the security

treat posed by Al-Shabaab to western citizens living in Somaliland.

Almost every body is reading this to his/her own reasoning with out

any empirical evidence or logical analysis.

Some suggest the latest American recognition of the Somali government

after 21 years is prelude to other western nations to follow suit and

start pushing for the union. others concluded that the British warning

is a political move to put pressure those in Somaliland who may not want

to attend the London conference in May or campaign against the process.

Western nations do not want to destabilize a relatively stable parts of the

horn of Africa especialy Somaliland.

All theses scenarios are mere speculations. Their is a difference between

politics and state policy. Politics is an art to make things possible or a way

to maneuver to achieve a goal, policy is an agenda or a road map set either

by the government of the day or the state regardless of the ruling party.

the British government and her people are among the most sophisticated

in the developed world, if you could remember during the gulf war , the

British troops were based in the southern part of Iraq , around the city of

Basra. Unlike the Americans who faced daily ambushes, constant attacks and

poplar uprising among the people , the Brits managed to stabilize their sector

without much blood shed. The British are masters when it comes to state craft

and diplomacy, yet they are serious on matters of national security and terrorism.

The intelligence community approached the Somali land government on issues of

regional security and terrorism since 2010, the result is so far a dismal. Last

summer when Al shabaab were routed from southern Somalia, it was a common

knowledge that the logical tactic of the movement was to relocate to either

Punt-land or Somaliland. To Shaw the world their commitment to fight terrorism

in the region , they paraded in the media few insignificant moves which later

back fired. Last year a local man in Borama offered the transfer of unexplored

ordinances from the 1991 war. The man claimed that he kept this ordinances in

a save place for almost 20 years without incident and he wanted some form of

compensation or the recognition of his heroics. Not so fast said the government.

The police chief of Somaliland held a news conference in Hargeisa to announce

the capture of weapons in the city. the city elders were not amused, also late

last year the arrested in Borama a Somali-American women who was visiting

relatives in the region and took her to Hargeisa. These are the achievements of

the Somaliland security in the most peaceful city in the Somali speaking world.

These mediocre officials think these lazy but irresponsible actions would fool the

international community, rather it make them uncomfortable to deal with the Siilaanyo

government. Now here are the most fundamental reasons the British released

their warning to the international media.

1- The increased number of former Al shabaab members who are openly relocating

to Hargeisa are making the foreign workers uncomfortable, even the interior minister

openly claimed in the media that the government is welcoming those who want to

exit the movement. It is all good and well to rehabilitate former Shabaabs members,

but, how can you integrate these people without even identifying them first.

2- Their are credible reports that wounded Al shabaab members are cared in Hargeisa

hospitals with knowledge of the intelligence officials.

3- When the President was told that the son of the finance minister participated in the

battle of Mogadhishu against the government troops , he seemed dump founded.

A visiting intelligence officer from Ethiopia demanded the dismissal of the minister.

The minister got mad and started his own campaign against the Ethiopian businesses

by imposing import taxes against the Small Bagaash traders. The Ethiopia government

not only refused to pay these new tariff but left the goods on the port for months, finally

a delegation from the government which does not include the finance minister resolved

the impasse. The president by now had enough of this and fired the minister.

4- The spiritual leader of the Al-shabaab hails from Ahmed Dhagax district in Hargeisa,

his friends and families are agitating now for anarchy and confrontation in Hargiesa,

almost every day in order to destabilize the government.

5- It is a well known among the Somali speaking world the hastiness of the Hargeisa

government to arrest or transfer to the neighboring countries any individual who

belong to the wrong tribe. Their were half a dozen suspects members of ONLF who

were arrested and transferred without due process. So far under this regime no one

who belongs to the Isaaq community was ever arrested or charged with terrorism,

in fact the Siilaanyo government released a large number of people who were charged

and convicted after carrying acts of terror.

6- The international community after a long process understood that this government is

very reluctant to move against these groups while their relatives are among the highest

officials of the government. They know window dressing and bogus statements do not

prevent or deter those who are bent on harming innocent people.

7- Finally people every were witnessed the death of a dozen people across the country

in the hand of the security while dispersing demonstrators. The backlash of the last

election is visible across the land with no conclusions, in fact in Zaylac the government

manufactured drama became the laughing stock of the system . You have government

ministers crossing the Djibouti border almost weekly to negotiate or find a way to alter

the official result of the election while increasing the tribal dram beet.

Considering all these options the British has no choice but to be save than sorry, that is

what responsible governments do, protect their people from real or imagined threat.

They expect the government to address the real issues of security.

Mohamed Farah

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