The Cry To Lure And Rob The Others.-Justice For All By Dr. Omar Ahmed Noor

The Cry to lure and Rob the others.-Justice for all
As a parent we often give extra treats to the kids who cry the most for everything. Consciously we are aware of their mental status, its developmental stage and we believe that their behavior will adjust positively with time. It is an irony when you encounter an adult that behaves in similar manner-Who needs always to be rewarded. These individuals, groups or even clans often utilize the victim card claim that they have an inherent right to get something even if that defies the norm.

On the other side Robert Livingston of Kellogg School of Management in New York City says “Being selfish make you more dominant— and as humans are wired to respond to dominance.”

In another angle, silence, altruism and kindness may equate in certain situations as a weakness.

To come back to my point: why Zeila is an issue in last municipal election held in Somaliland in November 28, 2012?

While the violence and death related with the Somaliland election and post-election was a tragedy, the majority of it went fairly and peacefully. International observers praised it. It was seen as unprecedented example when compared to its neighbors and overall many parts of Africa. The election allocated resources were limited and the polling station staffs were less trained.

Zeila is a historical city that was an Islamic center for over 1000 years. It is the only city in Somalia that has the “Masjid of Qiblatayn”, the Mosque of two directions. It indeed elucidates the embrace of Islam in that area before Religion of Islam spread to Arabian Peninsula. Muslims of all nationalities were living in that city, including Arabs, Asians, Turks and other Africans.

During the partition of Africa, the British Empire came along the coast of Zeila and signed an agreement with the Tribes who were there.

THE GADABURSI TREATY was concluded with the British authority, in December 11, 1884 and is signed by the following Gadabursi Elders, who were living at that in Zeila.

“In token of the conclusion of this lawful and honorable bond, Iama Roblay, Mohamed Ali Balol, Ilmee Warfah (Ughaz’ son), Rogay Khairi, Waberi Idlay, Roblay, Warfah, Doaly Dilbad, Amir Egal, Gaylay Shirwah, Warfah Roblay, Yunus Boh”

And from the British Empire side:
“Major Frederick Mercer Hunter, the former for themselves, their heirs and successors, and the latter on behalf of the British Government, do each and all in the presence of witnesses affix their signatures, marks, or seals at Zaila on the eleventh day of December one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four, corresponding with the twenty-fifth of Safar one thousand three hundred and two.

(Signed) F. M. Hunter, Major,
Bombay Staff Corps
Signed in presence:
(Signed) Percy Downes,
First Grade Officer, I. M.”

In that agreement the article II states: “All vessels under the British flag shall have free permission to trade all ports and places in the territories of the Gadabursi tribe.”

The same clan who signed the treaty with French Colonizers in Djibouti are the same people who signed the treaty with British Colonizers at Zeila. In both of these areas Samaroon (Gadabursi) were the signatures of the treaty.

One of the main Sultans of Zeila in 1918 was Sultan Haj Mohamed Dide of Samaroon Clan. This was noted in the book of “Sun, Sand and Somals” (Somals: The way it is spell in the book) written by British writer Major H. Rayne, M.B, E, M.C, London 1921.
The author describes Haji Mohamed Dide as a pleasant intelligent man. This is followed by demeaning statements of British style.

Who owned/owns Zeila is more of current political ambition by Djibouti rulers. They intended to implant animosity between the Issa who predominantly live in Djibouti and Ethiopia and Gadabursi who live in Djibouti, Somalia/Somaliland and Ethiopia. The rulers want to divert the public scrutiny of his policies and economic failures.

It is not secret that Djibouti Government has an interest and stake in Zeila and the crisis usually crops up from Djibouti or Diridhaba. This intervention has two purposes: political purpose and tribal ambition.

The political purpose is more of diversion from the mass suffering that exists in Djibouti economically, socially and educationally. An elite group sucks most of the resources and accumulates it without fair distribution. In the past President Geelle convinced the transitional Governments of Somalia, using different tactics that ISSA is in Salal region. This is an argument that eludes every rational person who is genuinely familiar with Somali clans and the past history of Northern Region of Somalia.

The second one is tribal ambition. President Geelle wants Issa clan to be a power player both in the Somalia and Somaliland politics and struggling to find the physical location where he can claim that his clan occupies. Through bribery, intimidation and threatening he was attempting to get the Mayer of Zeila by all means. It was hard for Somaliland authorities to change the election and democratic verdict of the Zeila communities. It was only left alone after both the coercion and persuasion did not work and after a huge demonstration took place in Borama with death and destruction.in additions the Awdal/Salal Sultans and chiefs led by Sultan Dhawal, Sultan Ibrahim and Sultan Wabar did not succumb to the pressure of the Hargeisa delegation led by Abdiwarabe and others

What is missing from the picture is that the Awdal people of Samaroon origin, who were citizens of Djibouti, made a huge sacrifice for its Independence.
People of Djibouti of Gadabursi origin were rewarded with silent and systemic clan cleansing for over the last 30 years and are still being tortured still continues in the notorious prison of Djibouti. The most recent case was late Haybe Ali Suldan tortured to death in the beginning of February 2013 as relatives stated.

In the past it was the mass deportation by the French Colonial Government in June 1967 that changed the demographic realties of the Djibouti population. Because of their love of Somaliweyn and the nationalist aspiration Gadabursi and non ISSA clans were the target of the French Government for this mass expulsion from their ancestral land.

As a historical depiction you can review this old map showing the major Somali clans in the horn of Africa in the past.

The above events opened a new painful chapter that ultimately caused the name change from French Somaliland, which Haji Dide and other Nationalist elders from Gadabursi clan forced upon the French colonizers in 1885, to Afar and Issa Territories. This was unfortunate and huge blow to the Somali Unity and Somali Investment to the Independence of Republic of Djibouti.

It was a historical betrayal by group of elite Issa groups who took the advantage of the colonial strategic decision.

The dual player:

On one hand the Government of Djibouti sent their soldiers to join the peace enforcing mission in Somalia-particularly Beledweyne and contrarily they welcome President Ahmed Siilaanyo of Somali land with red carpet. In addition, the same Government of Djibouti attempted to use the local election of Zeila as clan issue.

In conclusion:

I believe that Justice brings harmony to the society and mercy of Allah descends. Injustice tears down the fabric of the society.
The powerful of today can become the weak of tomorrow so it is prudent not to abuse the God given power and resources.

Martin Luther King said in one of his speeches: “Injustice anywhere is the threat to justice everywhere”.

My advice to the elite who surround President Siilaanyo: “Power grip and abuse of power is temporary and deceptive per se”. What builds society and holds together is fairness”. Look before you leap!

For president Geelle there are thousands mistreated in your tiny country and it is your obligation to improve the lives of your own people. And treat them with justice.

Dr. Omar Ahmed Noor

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