People Of Somaliland Can Vote Simply For None Confidence Against Existing Fragile Government. By Abdikarim Bakal

People of Somaliland can vote simply for None Confidence against existing fragile Government (Dawlada kalsonida kala Noqda)

Somaliland Government proven weakening the roll of ruling its people as a result of luck of Justice, integrity and peace, the argument among high officials is also worsening the leadership power, in this case the implement of citizens rights is much needed, Somalilanders have the right to vote “The None Confidence” (Dawlada oo kalsonida lagala noqdo) is one important option that the citizens has to act against this government in order to save the Somaliland people from civil war and I am sure the elected parliamentarians and Guurti able to motion.

Somaliland citizens must be the pressure groups and facts of life in every process, Somaliland citizens able to be the principle mechanism by which those interested make their preferences known to government policy-makers. I always support that pressure provides a necessary communication link between the governed and the governors. Pressure provides to decision makers with information of real issues and assessment of the feelings and attitudes of the citizens also provide opportunities for meaningful political activity in order government to identify areas of dissatisfaction.

Lets exercise our democracy which is on faith in the people, its future rests on the citizens, lets have commitment to making it work, this means ensuring that the democratic machinery is functioning properly and that the needs of majority and minority are respected, it’s one option to tackle this government because we believe what’s going on today in Somaliland is completely unacceptable – our citizens don’t have to feel powerless and alienated.

The people of Somaliland are the one elected this government they did not come from different world they are simply citizens who formed political party, they are simply a group of people who have joined together to accomplish specific goals in order to achieve this goals they elected sufficient members to public office to gain control as government, so why citizens scare or shy? When this party of Kulmiye failed the country and failed the citizens.

Successful political party limits conflict, avoids issues that divide the citizens, bring in to the Justice those who commit crimes against humanity. In addition this party in power never promoted national unity since they have been elected in June 2010.This describes they were only hungry for power as they were shown in their past when they almost turned the country upside down in 2008 after they denied the Guurti decision to extend the term of leadership for Dahir Rayale.

On the other hand members of Kulmiye party in parliament never voted against the government because lest they run the risk of being expelled from the party caucus so why people always elect and support the wrong candidates and leaders or particular party, the answer is not simple as you may think, it involves a combination of many inputs from what voters they hear on news to their social and economic position in society than to election issues, place of residence also influence the voters, so from now on we all need to exercise our feelings and thoughts rather than influenced by our surroundings.

In conclusion I advice Somalilanders to wake up and get out from the cave to light up and enhance their own life by tackling this government with common feeling with “None Confidence Vote” because we all know the system relies heavily on the belief that the people should know what’s in their best interest .


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