Britain Is A Colonial Power By Suleiman Egeh

Britain: a long Declined and Diminished Former Colonial Power Decision, Could Not have Any Impact on the Somaliland Sovereignty, Independence and security

By Suleiman Egeh

Freedom Quotes

“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits.” Thomas Jefferson
“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it always.”Mahatma Gandhi

Recognition: Supposed recognition of the weak foreign-backed and protected state of Somalia/Mogadishu won’t amount much. In the true sense of the word the above named former state is none-existent. Republic of Somaliland is a fact and an existing state, built, developed, and nurtured by its sons and daughters, it is a country nobody can deny and ignore, and any attempts to discredit or deny its existence will be at the peril of the perpetrator, or perpetrators.

Somaliland is an independent state built on the basis of a great deal of sacrifice. Somaliland independence is a precious commodity that did not come by easy or cheap. It was not a given thing or a present. It is a sacred blessing that was demanded, taken, built, nurtured and established by the indigenous people of Somaliland. The Independences tree was soaked with the blood of its martyrs and freedom fighters. At the same time, It is ingrained with the wisdom, magnanimity, foresight, earnestness of its people, and wrapped with an ancient tradition of freedom and liberty. Somalilanders will befriend those who befriend them, and antagonize those who antagonize them. To Somaliladers freedom is the most precious commodity they will not exchange with anything else. All of our enemies and the tired and defeated colonial powers must be aware of that fact. The world must fully be aware of the fact that Somaliland freedom and sovereignty is sacrosanct, and will never be subject for negotiations. It’s a permanent, peoples’ decision which nobody has the power to reverse. Any attempt for its reversal means peoples’ revolution. Somalilands are again ready to defend their hard won freedom and liberty with tooth and nail. Somaliland and its people are real, and hob nest people who work so hard to bring their country and people where they are today. Somaliland leaders did not sent empty threats soon after get out of surgery room, or in intravenous feeding. Somaliland leaders did not criss-cross the world and engaged in a meaningless and endless tourism.

British government call for its citizens to leave Somaliland is meaningless: That was an irresponsible act which has to be reversed immediately. Somalilanders are a peaceful country, and the existing peace is deep, broad-based and highly developed. There is nothing to fear from Britain-a declined third-rated colonial power that failed everywhere in the world. Recently they have failed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, there is very little or nothing we benefit from the British or any other outside entity. Whether or not the so-called British citizens stay or leave is irrelevant.

Somaliland must boycott the so-called London conference: The Republic of Somaliland must boycott the So-called Somaliland-Somalia conference in London. There is no benefit for Somaliland out of this coming so-called meeting. It could be another meaningless conference organized by another long diminished colonial power still pretending to be a world power.

Background Information/history: is a former colonial power who still thinks he can wield some power in the world. Along with France they still wield few, specific powers that are in the form of vestiges of the colonial times, the so-called international institutions such as the so-called United nations, the World bank, IMF, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)a vassal organization that can’t make a dent on world peace, one of its purported missions of its foundation and inception. It is time the new world has apt out of this corrupt, inept entity that was nothing but a project formulated by former colonial powers. A newly founded international organization must an organization can reflect the new realities of today, based on individuals not vassal states, illegitimate countries, world dictators, human rights abusing states, genocidal states and others. The above mentioned states were the same colonial powers that were at the forefront in what was the then known as the shameful scramble for Africa. It was a brutal project of invasion, conquest, occupation, colonization and annexation of African territory by European powers during the New Imperialism period, between 1881 and World War I in 1914. In order to avert a major European war, the colonial powers have divided the continent. The last 60 years of the 19th century saw transition from “informal imperialism” of control through military power and economic dominance to that of direct rule.

Today, Britain is neither a global military power, nor an international leader. They have lost all their influence at the middle of last century. Today they crippled by enormous budget deficits. They can no longer prop up its welfare state, because it is hit hard by the sluggish economy severely affected by the global financial crisis. Today Britain is embarking on a series of deep spending cuts in a determined effort to save the economy and financial credibility of their nation. The cuts are sweeping and widespread, and the British military has not been spared its turn at the chopping block. The cuts are deep and will be spread across all the armed services. The British army will be losing a sixth of its striking power, more than 40% of its tanks, a third of its artillery and thousands of men. The Navy and Air Force will both lose thousands of men. The Navy will immediately decommission one aircraft carrier and while it will still complete both of the new carriers it had begun to build, one will be immediately put in reserve. The British Air Force will see some of its refueling and reconnaissance capability trimmed. The future participation of the Royal Air force in the F-35 fighter program is in jeopardy; Harrier jump-jets have been put out of service. Further, a series of military bases face closure, and thousands of civilian employee of the military will be let go.

Somaliland Republic is a solidly peaceful and sovereign state that represents its people and can’t be represented by anybody else. “It’s better to die fighting for freedom than to live life in chains. The world must carefully take a notice that Somalilanders are once again are ready to defend their hard won freedom and liberty with tooth and nail.”

Suleiman Egeh A freelance writer and a senior science instructor


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