Zeila Was A Gadaboursi City Yesterday And Today By Suleiman Egeh

Zeila Was A Gadaboursi City Yesterday And Today

By Suleiman Egeh

NO MORE USELESS, FOREIGN AND MEANINGLESS DELAGATIONS TO ZEILA: Election nullification in Saylac won’t be acceptable, and amounts to an act of war. According to the Essa’s delusional claims, the election that took place in Saylac legally and lawfully does not mean anything. As I speak things are getting uglier and uglier. The Djibouti dictator has directly interfered with Zaylac affairs. Foreign delegations who did not include even one indigenous Gadaboursi are criss-crossing Gadaboursi land and beyond. The time for Gadaboursi to liberate their country from the yoke of the beleaguered Djibouti dictator, and Siiranyo are now. Gadaboursi should call to stop the meaningless delegations coming to Djibouti. These people have no business to come to Saylac. None of the indigenous people of Saylac are among the members of these delegations. Among the members of this delegation are personalities that are so hostile to Gadaboursi, their causes in particular, and Somaliland itself. They are collaborators of the enemies of Gadaboursi, which is the beleaguered dictator of Djibouti. The Gadaboursi need to demonstrate against these useless so-called delegations that are catering to foreign dictators. Gadaboursi has their destiny in their hands, and will never accept foreigners to decide their destiny. Ancient Saylac was the same as the other Somaliland towns and cities where the election has taken place. The recent elections in Saylac uncovered the fact that Essa did not live there. It is clear the Essa population in Somaliland is very tiny. From the outset, these people were vehemently against any elections to be taken place in Zeila. The election in Saylac has uncovered what they were always afraid of, their lack of presence in Somaliland. The Essa are all in Djibouti and they want to control and take Saylac from Djibouti without election. The recent city council election and the parliamentary elections showed that the Essa living in Somaliland is 1% and 1% can’t dictate to 99%. The later (99%) is the Gadaboursi population, and the former is 1% in both Saylac and every where in Somaliland be it villages, towns, and cities. If these dwarfs want war and violence, bring it on, Gadaboursi are in a unified front, and ready to defend their country, and Djibouti itself. Had it not the mistakes we made the yesteryear, non-existent dwarfs who were never prominent people in Zeila would not have claimed It. Zeila from the days of Ahmed Gurrey till today, it was always a Gadsbaoursi majority city. The fake and baseless claim on Zeila started since the tiny tribal state of Djibouti became semi-independence from the French colonialists. The existence of that tiny tribal city state of Djibouti is an existential threat to both Gadaboursi, and Somaliland. Despite massive influx of foreigners who illegally voted in Zeila, the majority Gadabouri community still won the election, and in the interim has the right to have both the mayor and the deputy mayor of Zeila. The Essas were always a small minority clan in Zeila in general, and the Republic of Somaliland in particular. I failed to understand their argument regarding to their baseless claim to Zeila is. “Waxa layidhii Ninkii baxaya Indahaa casaada.” They know an election has taken place, and they lost the majority of the city council. I did not understand why Siiranyo government is begging these Somaliland haters. I think their greed may lead them to lose a lot more than they already have today. If they start war and violence in Zeila to satisfy their mindless greed and fake claim, it won’t be confined to Zeila. It will definitely spill into Djibouti, a place illegitimately hijacked and ill-ruled by and Essa-born absolute dictator for the last forty years.

Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and senior science instructor


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