Fariin Ka Socota Dhalinta Samaroon(A message from the samaroon youth) By Kifaax Shirdoon

The people of the Salal region are brothers, sisters, cousins and
> nephews. They are tied together by blood. As the youth of Samaroon,
> we are advocating for and encouraging the inhabitants of this region
> to learn to understand how to live together peacefully whilst
> developing their country.
> As the youth of Samaroon, we are for peace, the betterment of our
> people and the development of our country. We have suffered
> tremendously through the civil wars and we want to hold on to this
> beacon of light, this glimpse hope that peace has provided us with.
> We want to repair the damages created by decades of conflict and go
> forward together as people who are acting sensibly and thinking
> towards the right direction. We stand against tribalism, clanism,
> nepotism and anything that is going to divide our community and
> destroy the peaceful life that we currently live.
> The results of the democratic elections that were held last year in
> Somaliland have been accepted all around the world. As such, the
> decision of the people of Somaliland must be respected by everyone, as
> they have chosen who they want to be represented by. Disregarding
> facts is propaganda and if we do not correct it immediately it will
> result in misunderstandings and create an even bigger problem than
> intended.
> The issue of the mayorship of Saylac and the claim that it belongs to
> a certain group will not solve our problems. Adhering to and following
> the rule of law, the established system and accepting the truth is the
> better way for a peaceful coexistence. Saylac and Djibouti are both
> the homes of the two groups; as such we also seek justice and the
> rightful representation in Djibouti as well as the other regions that
> we occupy together.
> This is a message is from the samaroon youth around the globe. We hope
> that the people we are addressing will take to this heart, cease the
> conflicts that they are creating and act in a lawful manner

kifaax shirdoon
London, Uk

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