Vice President Zaylic’s Calm Leadership​ By Mohamed Farah (Saqiiro).

First I want to congratulate the people of Somaliland for conducting a fair and free election for
the fifth time in ten years and the second successful municipal election. According to international
observers who where present in more than 10 of the 23 districts the polls were conducted in a fair
and transparent manner. Their were some minor glitches in some remote districts and few clashes
between security and regional communities. Overall it was a great success. Democracy is a messy
and painstaking business which needs a great deal of coordination and culture among the people.

Those of us who hail from Somaliland and live in the diaspora may not digest how great this milestone is.
this crossing of the Rubicon was achieved by the hard work of the local populous on their own.
Very few countries from the western world and few others have only achieved this milestone. In the Arab
Muslim world it is rare and in sub Sahara Africa only few have conducted fair and free election.

When people say that Somaliland is an oasis of democracy in volatile region of East Africa and the horn,
it is not understatement. Don’t look further, just glance the neighborhood which is dominated by despots
and dictators.

In Djibouti you have a fat cat dictator who directs every aspect of life, whether it is business, politics and culture. Not only he rules with iron fist but monopolizes all economic activities of the nation. Nepotism and corruption is rampant and their is no end in sight. He ruled 14 years and last year he elected himself without opposition again for six years which makes he reign 20 years. by the way he is not going any where.

In Ethiopia Meles died last September after 21 years in power. Just up north in the Red Sea you have
Asias Afwerk who rules tiny Eritrea with iron fist. next year will be his twenty second. He is not going
any where. In Sudan president Omar al-Badir is still reigning after the coup of 1989 and no opposition
is tolerated. he is not going any where either.
In Uganda the rebel groups who took power in 1987 which was led by Yaweri mousaveni are their twenty fifth
year in power. HE declared that in Africa political parties bring instability in order to rule for lie.

and finally in Kenya after the clashes of the last election where people literally murdered by spears and
machetes, the former united nations envoy instituted two parallel governments to run the country in order
to diffuse the tension. It is unprecedented where you have an executive branch with vice president and
president at the same time with a different prime minister with different party ruling together. It is like
president Obama coupled with Mitt Romney as a prime minister to make peace.

last but not the least the neighboring Somalia which we all wish for peace once for all is dominated by two
an compromising ideologies of Wadaad and and war lord. They may claim to peace and dignity when they
talk or seek power but we all know they have no soul, dignity or conscience. People may starve by
thousand , refugees may live like sardines or young men may blow up in pieces, this southern politicians
may just fly to foreign capitals and enjoy the meal like tourists. I spent many years working with people
so we could bring peace for the Somali. Wax dhib iyo lur midna ma hayo.

Saylici the calm vice president of wisdom and integrity.

I met the vice president in early January 2011 when I visited Somaliland for the first time in 23 years and
he came across as a decent and honest man. It was six months after his Kulmiye party won the general
election and their were a lot of tensions in the air after the local favorite son and fellow awdalite Rayaale of
Udub party lost the election. Their where also questions about his experience in big time politics in Somali
land since he spent his former years in local politics. In that brief encounter he espoused confidence and
unusual calmness. Watching for the last two years he doesn’t commit gaffes and he does speak always
with clarity. While the Ugaas issues created some divisions among the Awdal community which also
affected his effectiveness in the region, he seems he gained back the confidence of the Awdal people
and Somaliland in general. Unlike Rayaale who seemed uninterested on the major issues effecting Awdal
Saylici is their when needed. When Awdal and Salal members of parliment challenged President
Siilaanyo about power distribution and foreign aid project allocation, he backed them one hundred percent.
Rayaale governors could probably have intimidated the members and elders to flow the line. When the
presidents palace ministers undermined his authority, he rejected to even visit the Palace and participate
the system unless the honor of his office and dignity is stored in full, which they did.

It is well known that in Hargeysa, Gebiley and east people respect him for his integrity and hard work.

he participated for the ceremonies of most projects in the country while the presidents age and health

may not allow him to be present. People are judged by their integrity, hard work and by their ethics.

I believe vice president Zaylici has a great future in Somaliland politics which also may lift the

fortunes of Awdal compared to the last president.

In the latest Somaliland election , a Somalilnd solder from Abrayn community who was guarding the
election boxes shot accidently a Bahabar muuse man from Lughaya community when local youths
stormed the station. The vice president paid the local people money for burial and tacsi and told them

the Somaliland State will pay later wherever blood money necessary. He diffused the tension and

the election proceeded as planed.. lately I see a lot of accusations from some community in the west

but the big difference in this election unlike the last one is you are choosing the person rather than the

party. Last election of 2002 Rayaale and Udub chose the first fifteen members of each district which

disenfranchised a large number of communities both in Gebiley and Saylac. One important factor that

those who lost must remember is being the cousin of the mayor doesn’t make your life or your

community better. I don’t think un founded allegations and accusations will not tarnish the clean and

honorable record of the Vise President Zaylici. I believe these communities must work with those

elected and build together a bright future.

Finally I would like to advice to the people of Awdal to enjoy your fruits. you don’t trow your victories to
the wind. let us not deny our people their victories A famous Somaliland poet once said ” Xashee Nin
Libin Kaa Xistiyey Xumihii Waa yaabe. Let us congratulate our people and that of Somaliland in
general for this great victory. In democracy their are always grievances and quarrels among the
constituents but every issue is resolved on the ballot box. You throw out those who may not heed
your needs. As long as the guy or gal you who is ruling is coming to your door for votes you have
the power to reward or punish. Their was a big difference between the last election and this where
you elect the person rather than the party machine which in turn may bring better councilors to
the cities. I think it is about time that we the diaspora must engage the homeland in a positive way
rather mourn and point finger. Also the mayors and councilors must be accountable to the need and
well being of the cites they run.

Mohamed Farah (Saqiiro).

Edmonton, Alberta.


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